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Stanford professor gives you the keys to building a start-up right here

If you are thinking about launching your own start-up and want a blue-print for how to plan and launch your business go here:

This is the post by Stanford professor and serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, who ran a fascinating experiment in entrepreneurship that took a several teams of people through an 8-week business model development that incorporates the latest in thinking – ‘Customer Development’, ‘Lean start-up’ and ‘Agile Development’.  If these terms are foreign to you then I suggest you dive headlong into his post and get across this new way to think about launching businesses.

I have posted this link for two reasons:
1) It is an open-source index of resources that gives you everything you need to create a business model hypotheses and to test it.  Combined with the start-up resources links on Steve’s site you are on your way to getting your venture off the ground.

2) Steve’s open sharing of this knowledge is an example of a wonderful trend to open-source knowledge.   The old ‘knowledge is power’ adage is no longer true if you interpret that as power through closeting knowledge.  The smartest people in the world are publishing blueprints and frameworks for execution that free you to apply creativity and vision without being constrained by ignorance of proven execution/planning methodologies.

The implications of the latter are profound and I certainly haven’t thought through all the ramifications, but my preliminary analysis is that the West coast of the United States seems to be leading the way in innovating through sharing knowledge that should be commoditized – Things like standard legal documents, launching businesses, and even traditional education. It really has me thinking that venture capitalist Peter Thiel has got it right when he proposes that traditional college education may not be the best solution for the next generation of entrepreneurs to executing on their dreams.

One implication of this sharing that I am sure of is that if you have ambitions of jumping out of the corporate world you shouldn’t wait until you have got that MBA or done that course in business planning – Jump online, start talking to people who have done it before and get out there testing your hypothesis using the process that has been gift wrapped for you by Steve Blank.

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